It is through writing that we have been able to keep stories, legends, communicate and share opinions. With it,

we keep traditions, thoughts and transmit them to generations.

With 'Script XXI’ collection we wish to path your story utilising wording like an armour and inspire the world adjacent.

It is time to question — Which one are you, what is your story, what is your script?

Unique Calligraphy Art 

Rare and Unique Craftsmanship Haute Street Couture

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A new collection for an urban legacy, take the shadow of your thoughts and write it with gold letters on a crinkled Duchess fabric.

With 'Script XXI by SAVOCA bring your values to life, by wearing it.



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Truth has so many meanings for everyone, for us we like to think that it is the ultimate good sense of reality.
A reality that does not require any questions, where the obvious become the sense.  

Truth never descends.
Truth never compromises.
Truth is satisfied only when
It sees everything and everyone
At its own Himalayan height.

 Sri Chinmoy

Freedom SAVOCA



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Freedom has already an indissociable meaning to humankind, however, still today it's a combat that need to be defended and promoted.
It is a value that is taken for granted but in these days we need to raise awareness that it's not free.

They tell me
'Freedom is never free.'
I know that-
More than most realise.
Freedom cost us more
Then we should have to give.
Freedom cost us blood.
It cost us the lives
Of our fathers,
Our sons,
Our brothers.
But while freedom is never free,
It has been bought at great price,
And so is a thing of great value.
We must defend it,
From those who would take it away.
The defence of our freedoms
Will cost us-
More than we wish to pay.
But we must pay, to defend,
For if we try to make freedom free,
We forget-
True freedom is never free.

                                                                                      James Grengs




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Love, love, LOVE! Is love even describable?

Love has changed its meaning over the centuries but in our days we use it on a mystical scale, allowing us to push the boundaries
of our intense feelings. Love today demonstrates the capacity of everyone to act for the good of everyone

with deep affection without limits. 

...L'amour ne s'explique pas!
C'est une chose comme ça
Qui vient on ne sait d'où
Et vous prend tout à coup...

...Même quand on l'a perdu
L'amour qu'on a connu
Vous laisse un goût de miel
L'amour, c'est éternel!

...Love cannot be explained!

It is a thing like that

Who comes from we don't know where and suddenly takes you...

...Even when we lost it

The love we have known

Leaves you taste of honey

Love is eternal!

Edith Piaff, À quoi ça sert l'amour

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Our Script collection enhance bullion embroidery technique. This art uses metal threads or threads surrounded by metal leafs.

For our collection we use a metal wire twisted on itself which create a hypnotic sense of light.

This also called, Goldwork technique is often used to decorate parade military uniforms or honorific garments.

We can trace this craft in Asia for at least 2000 years.

Giuseppe Savoca

We proud ourselves in offering a unique service where all detail counts from the choices of our material to the meaning of our designs.

A collection where you have your say, use our Script XXI caps to have your thoughts written in gold.


Contact us to discuss your bespoke design.