At SAVOCA creativity is considered a precious tool used as part of our essential craft skills.

Utilising our various techniques, we love to innovate and reminisce the couture codes with full freedom.


Defining a contemporary style with audacity to fully master handcrafted fashion, makes our brand singular and visionary.
SAVOCA offers contrast among history and modern urbanism.




Taking inspiration from a constant dialogue between tradition and modernity, the street and the salon, the décor and the purpose. SAVOCA creates timeless designs for a living wearable true luxury. 


Each piece is a unique creation, the result of a rigorous artisanal savoir-faire, guided by your sense of aesthetics, tailored for the perfect fit with your life.



The journey between the Designer and the Craftsman

Giuseppe Savoca is a contemporary fashion designer and craftsman interested in and committed to the world of creation from early age. Having a multicultural background spread between Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, he has always defined his convictions in the industry by striving to revive origins and traditions in his creations.


After he obtained a Master's Degree with honours in Craftsmanship in wood and leather, Giuseppe was inclined to fuse his acquired skills with fashion. He accomplished a Master's Degree in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni, having previously completed an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design at the Lausanne College of Fashion and Art.


Immediately after his move to London, Giuseppe Savoca worked exclusively in the luxury industry, achieving experience in evening wear, collaborating with Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, Alexander McQueen and Gyunel. He worked with other premier brands for red carpet events such as the Academy Awards (The Oscars), Cannes Film Festival, BAFTA’s and Royal Ascot.

Lately, he collaborated in the elaboration of garments for private clients, such as Oprah Winfrey, Salma Hayek, Kylie Minogue, Emma Stone, Chris Hemsworth, Adrian Brody and John Legend...


With SAVOCA,  Giuseppe’s intention is to revamp the industry with his visionary way of savoir-faire.


Tradition, Craft and  Design


SAVOCA began with the simple idea of creating an accessory, that would mix different types of craftsmanship together.


Developing this idea with extensive research and acquired skills, Giuseppe created this new headwear collection combining technics together that are performed by tailors, hatters, embroiders, glassblowers, fashion designers, gainiers, tanners and textiles in a unique piece of design.


These traditional craft skills and design elements combined with a revived shape for the 21st century, frame the concept of SAVOCA.