SAVOCA’s concept was born from the passion of cultural heritage and the extensive research of traditional craft techniques.

The original intention is to fuse all of these practices into contemporary and high quality accessories, creating an avant-garde product that combines the past and the present for our dynamic society.


The purpose of its creator, Giuseppe Savoca is to introduce a product fulfilled with history, tradition and design in order to preserve the memory of cultural craftsmanship.


We are pleased to introduce our “RENAISSANCE MMXX” headwear collection, handmade with the most exquisite and refined materials contemplated, to give a unique and mystical experience to our consumers.


We strongly believe that it is possible to integrate historical origins and traditions into our contemporary lives.

We are convinced that in our days, people prefer to find a meaningful product with multiple purposes. This is the main reason why SAVOCA creates a unique and timeless accessory for our very dynamic society.


With the development of a modern and reimagined design, fitted for the 21st century, our collection transcends any other product offered by current luxury accessory brands.


SAVOCA launches out to be a brand that gives consumers a new accessory made from prime and the finest materials, with an exclusive design based on the works of the craftsmanship legacy.


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